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Pregnancy and Postpartum Health

Your body is undergoing so many changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Let's take care of you in the process!

strength & mobility

Strengthen your core, improve mobility of your spine, hips, pelvis, etc., and learn how to train your pelvic floor during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond!


You don't have to be in pain to come to physical therapy! I can help you prevent aches and pains, prolapse, incontinence, and other common, but not normal complaints during pregnancy and postpartum.

labor/birth prep

Understand your options for labor, prepare your mind and body for labor/birth, learn exercises to prepare your body for labor and birth!

postpartum healing

Whether you are healing from a C-section or vaginal birth, we are here to help you navigate perineal tearing, scar healing, pain with feeding baby, prolapse, and more!

return to exercise

Whether your goals are to be able to keep up with your toddler and do daily activities without symptoms or you are wanting to return to running, CrossFit, HIIT, or yoga/pilates/barre, I can help you achieve your goals!

pain management

Relieve areas of pain during pregnancy or postpartum with manual techniques and specific, individualized exercises tailored to your needs and body!

Not sure where to start in pregnancy or postpartum?? Check out these free guides! 

Why should you see a pelvic floor physical therapist during pregnancy?

Your body undergoes so many changes as you grow your little one. Many people accept pain or dysfunction during pregnancy as 'normal.' This does not have to be your normal. Pelvic floor therapy can help you maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle during your pregnancy!

Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help You...

  • Strengthen your core during pregnancy
  • Support your changing posture as your belly/baby grows
  • Relieve neck, hip, back, & pelvic girdle pain (pubic symphysis or SI joint pain)
  • Learn how to properly connect with your pelvic floor muscles
  • Relieve sciatic nerve pain
  • Learn how to prevent common postpartum issues like incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Prepare your mind & body for labor
  • Learn how to reduce your risk of tearing

Why see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Postpartum?

Whether you had a vaginal birth or C-section, pelvic floor therapy can help facilitate the healing process. Not only did your body just grow a baby for 9+ months, your body also went through birth. Pelvic floor therapy can help you feel confident getting back to the activities you love & take care of your newborn and kids without worrying about pain or leaking!
Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help You...
  • Heal diastasis recti and restore function of the postpartum abdominal wall
  • Improve urinary symptoms such as incontinence, difficulty emptying, etc.
  • Improve bowel symptoms such as urgency, straining/constipation, or pain with bowel movements
  • Return safely to exercise such as running, yoga, HIIT, group fitness classes, CrossFit, etc.
  • Improve pain or discomfort with sex
  • Improve symptoms of pelvic heaviness or pressure
  • Restore proper function of your pelvic floor 
  • Facilitate healing of perineal or c-section scars
  • Improve wrist, neck, hip, low back, & pelvic girdle pain postpartum
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