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Orthopedic Physical Therapy
start enjoying life pain-free!

physical therapy can help you improve strength, decrease pain, and recover from injury.
Manual Therapy
Hands-on techniques including joint mobilization, myofascial release, or scar massage/mobilization to help decrease pain and improve mobility.
Cupping therapy
Cupping (also known as myofascial decompression) can help improve blood flow to facilitate healing, improve mobility of the tissues (fascia/muscles), decrease scar tissue, and reduce pain.
A specific, individualized exercise program to address your body's specific needs. I prescribe mobility and strengthening exercises to support your body and help you heal.
Injury Recovery
Recovering from injury requires a customized treatment plan unique to your pain and injury. 

Common Conditions Treated

low back pain

Neck pain

Hip pain, Hip impingement, Hip Osteoarthritis

Pelvic Girdle Pain (SI joint pain, tailbone pain)

Shoulder pain, shoulder impingement

Knee pain, patellofemoral pain

Foot/ankle pain, plantar fasciitis
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