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Virtual/Telehealth Services


Discuss goals, concerns, & evaluate how you move! An evaluation helps determine the appropriate, individualized plan for you!

If having an online consultation is easier for you, this is a great option! We will discuss your medical history, goals, concerns/symptoms, and more during our subjective history followed by a thorough movement assessment all done virtually. This will help me problem solve with you and walk you through an exercise plan and program. After the assessment, I will email you a summary of our visit with all the education and information we discussed as well as your customized home exercise program with video demonstrations.

A lot of moms work with me while their kids are at school, during nap time, or on the weekends/evenings when they have more help with the kiddos at home! 

I also recommend virtual consults for prenatal pelvic floor prep and learning how to prepare your body and pelvic floor for birth. This is essential to a smooth postpartum recovery and I can teach you how to minimize pelvic floor trauma during birth. Prenatal sessions can be used to trouble shoot aches and pains, learn how to connect with your core and pelvic floor, and discuss breathing/pushing strategies for labor as well as optimal positions for labor and delivery. 





Learn how to stay active through your pregnancy without discomfort! Learn how to prepare physically and mentally for labor, birth, and the demands of motherhood!



Find strength as your postpartum body heals and recovers! Get a plan to resolve your symptoms, return to fitness, build strength, rehab your core/pelvic floor, and more!


**ALL prenatal and postnatal online sessions include a follow-up email with details about findings from the assessment, prenatal/postnatal education based on our discussion and findings, an exercise program individualized to your needs with videos/instructions for each exercise! This will all be customized to help you achieve your goals! 

Questions about whether virtual prenatal or postpartum sessions are right for you?! reach out below!

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